Sludge and wastewater drop-off

DIN Forsyning is subject to many laws and licences that regulate, among other things, requirements for our wastewater. These requirements help protect the surrounding environment from unwanted chemicals and toxins.


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We have an ever-increasing focus on the risk that sludge may contain environmentally harmful and undesirable substances. Therefore, it is important for us to have ongoing documentation of where the sludge comes from. At DIN Forsyning, we also work hard to ensure that we use our resources optimally, and the best way to do this is to treat our sludge in a standardised way.

Everyone who delivers wastewater, rinse water and sludge to our treatment plants in the municipalities of Esbjerg and Varde will be charged a fee per cubic metre. In addition, all deliveries must be registered via the form below.

Prices are adjusted every year and the current prices can be found here.



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The signatory declares that he/she is familiar with the applicable "Regulations for reception and treatment at wastewater treatment plants" and the requirements for reception at wastewater plants and liability rules contained therein. In accordance with these rules, the Signatory is responsible for ensuring that the above delivery is correctly stated and that it fulfils the requirements of the regulations for acceptance at wastewater plants. Finally, the signatory is aware that a breach of the requirements, such as incorrect information, may result in operational disruptions that cause DIN Forsyning a financial loss, for which a claim for damages will be made.

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