Waste sorting in holiday homes

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Plastic waste

Plastic can be recycled many times. The plastic is sorted into uniform piles and chopped into small pieces, which can then be used in the production of new plastic. For example, our bins and bags for food waste and textile waste are partly made from recycled plastic.

You don't need to clean your plastic before putting it in the bin, but it should be scraped clean and drip-free.


National criteria

To ensure that waste sorting is more or less the same throughout Denmark, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency has created the national criteria below.



  • Plastic regardless of colour
  • All plastic that has been in contact with food
  • Please separate the parts of plastic packaging if possible before sorting    


  • Plastic bottles (with no deposit)
  • Plastic canisters
  • Plastic trays and boxes
  • Plastic tubs
  • Plastic lids
  • Plastic bags (with no metal foil)
  • Plastic foils and film
  • Bubble wrap
  • CD and DVD covers
  • Plastic toys (with no electronics)
  • Plastic cutlery (not polystyrene)  



  • Give problems when collecting/sorting
  • Contain hazardous chemicals or PVC


  • Expanded polystyrene
  • PVC (at the recycling centre), e.g.:
    – Rubber boots
    – Rainwear
    – Inflatable mattresses
    – Tarpaulins
    – Balls
    – Drainpipes and gutters
  • Plastic installations (at the recycling centre)
    e.g. PEX pipes
  • Packaging from herbicides and insecticides, algae removers and the like (in the environmental box at the recycling centre)
  • Medicines packaging (take it to a pharmacy)
  • Melamine, e.g. mixing bowls (in your garbage bin as residual waste)
  • Plastic with electronics (in the environmental box at the recycling centre)
  • Plastic with batteries (in the environmental box at the recycling centre)
  • Bags with metal foil, e.g. crisp bags, certain sweet bags and bag-in-box wine containers etc. (in garbage bin as residual waste unless otherwise stated)
  • CDs and DVDs (in your garbage bin as residual waste)

Find the nearest recycling station

If you have more plastic waste than you can fit in the bin, you can also drop off leftover waste at a recycling station.


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